Screened History

Welcome to Screened History.

This website combines links to my professional projects and research interests.

It is a way for people to find out about my work and contact me, as well as a place for me to publish and discuss finished and works-in progress. It is the home of all things relating to my research passion: screened history.

coverlargerTechnology moves at a lightning pace, and the kinds of things historians research and write about, as well as produce, are now well beyond just film or television.

The field known as ‘history and film’ is no longer an appropriate name for our field. It is misleading and limits the possibilities of what might be considered relevant to our interests and engagement. 

So, after a decade of doctoral research and writing Reframing the Past: history, film and television, as well as the input of the many people who read, and critiqued both, the alternative name I chose was: screened history.