Reframing the Past: history, film & television


By Mia E. M. Treacey, 2016


Fascinating, brilliant, Screened History

Treacey not only provides a much-needed and fascinating account of how for more than a century historians and critics have thought about the problems and possibilities of history in the visual media, she also makes a brilliant argument in favor of pulling together and reconceptualizing this sprawling, interdisciplinary area of study under the single title of Screened History.

Robert A. Rosenstone, Professor Emeritus of History,
California Institute of Technology

A vital contribution – 5.0 out of 5 stars

A rich and illuminating study, Reframing the Past is a vital contribution to the study of historical representation in film. In vivid, compelling prose, Mia Treacey details the long running debate about film as a form of historical thinking, and fills in the forgotten chapters of this fundamentally important story. An original and field-defining work.

on July 18, 2017