The Diploma of Tertiary Studies

Dr Stuart Levy & Dr Mia Treacey – Diploma of Tertiary Studies, Monash University


The Diploma of Tertiary Studies (DoTS) is a Monash University initiative to increase participation in Higher Education (HE) in some of Victoria’s most disadvantaged regions. Originally designed for students from rural areas with modest academic achievement it has become a central component of Monash University’s social inclusion strategy to recruit students from low socioeconomic status (LSES) backgrounds. Now in its thirteenth year the DoTS engages with past and current theoretical debates about transition pedagogies and broadening participation in HE. This paper charts the program’s evolution and engagement with Kift’s (2009) First Year Curriculum Principles. It also reports how the program is now utilising concepts such as ‘bridging socio-cultural incongruity’ (Devlin,, 2012) and the idea of transition as ‘induction, development & becoming’ (Gale & Parker, 2012).

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